Sunday, January 18, 2015

One of several Sewaholic Renfrews

So, last year around March, I had the urge to sew a garment. I sewed quite a bit as a teenage, but very little as an adult. Oh, I picked it up fitfully. A skirt here, a dress there, but I never really got back into it. Until last year! What was different? Space, I think. In this apartment I have gobs of it, much more than the old house I owned.

And now I've even converted the spare bedroom into a sewing room. Fast forward 10 months, and I am even embarking on a Ready-to-Wear fast for the year. I've been mostly off RTW since last spring, but the odd piece here and there. I don't plan to retroactively document everything I made, since that would be tedious. But I thought I would create some posts for my favourites, and keep going. (Also, I bought a tripod after Christmas, which helps enormously.


This Sewaholic Renfrew was I think the 2nd of 4 so far, with another on the cutting table right now. The first was a purple one that was part of the ridiculous purple pyjamas, which I will never photograph, but still wear.

This one, the 2nd, was my foray into pattern matching. It was...somewhat successful. I look at it now and cringe, but honestly I wear this quite a bit.

Yes, the paisley is defintely off-grain. And the neckline is wonky. Sigh.

Since then I've made a cherry red one in organic cotton that I wear as another pyjama set with my matching Sewaholic Tofino pants, using this paisley as the piping and tie.

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