Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cake Tiramisu dress in dreamy bamboo

My epic spreadsheet says I finished this on May 10, 2015, conveniently 4 days before I went to France for 3 weeks. I think I wanted to wear this to the opera in Paris, which I did.

I like the dress a lot, but if I made it again I would do some alterations to the bodice. It gapes pretty badly, and I always have to wear a camisole. I think shortening the two front pieces would work.

In the bamboo jersey, it feels like going to work in my PJs. I love this, but it was kind of expensive.

I added another with the brightness blown out so you the seams are actually kinda visible.

Aaand the back.

I actually wear this quite a bit, usually with a scarf or something to jazz it up. Very useful black dress!

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