Friday, December 31, 2004

Scam alert -

I've been contemplating selling my car and getting a new one, so a month or so ago I found and placed an order for a price report on my car. I received....nothing. They did however helpfully charge my credit card.

I then noticed that there are no phone numbers on the web site. So I filled out the Customer Service form, and waited. A week later I filled it out again. No response.

Today I looked up on, and discovered the following information:

Administrative Contact

Name: Tony Freake
Job Title: President
Postal Address:
1-110 Bayswater Ave.
Ottawa ON K1Y 2G1 Canada
Phone: (613) 729-2729

Sadly, this phone number does not appear to match the name or address. I sent email to the hotmail account, asking for my money back. I threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau. We'll see if I get any response.


UPDATE: Got my credit card charge reversed. Never heard from company at all.