Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thurlow Trousers - coming back around!

I made these last year, in June according to my spreadsheet. (Yes, I have a spreadsheet. What?)

It took 3 muslins to get to that point. Honestly I think I made pants before I was ready to make them. And yet I wear these quite a bit, so go figure.

These were made of a super-cheap unknown fabric blend, and are somewhat stretchy.

The waistband is skewed, and there are funny things happening at the crotch, yes. But actually compared to RTW on me the fit is not too bad!

The back, I don't know what happened here. After all those muslins the back was GIANT. At the center back I took them in nearly 2", which ended up skewing the whole thing oddly.

Anyway. These are coming back around, since I have decided to focus on pants for the month of February! If all goes well, I will make 2 pairs. I am all ready, with my Craftsy courses watched already. I took the 2 Sandra Betzina ones on Pant Fitting and Pant Construction. I think I will use the pattern that came with the course first, then come back and sew another pair of Thurlows.

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