Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mabel and Cool Cowl - the Orange Sherbet outfit

I bought these two fabrics together at Fabricland, and yes, they are hilarious together. I rarely pair them, but I do get compliments.

The In-House Cool Cowl, I think I bought this because she is a local pattern maker, and I wanted to support that. I do like it, but wow is the cowl scandalously deep. In another version, I reduced the cowl substantially, but this one is as-is, and I had to tack it together at the neckline for modesty.

The Mabel is good. I screwed up the kick pleat, but had trouble unpicking, so I left it that way. :) I need to fix the hem stitching. For some reason my twin-needling was unravelling.

But I do like both of these pieces.

Why yes, that does look like a giant scarab beetle climbing up my chest!

I took care to center the pattern at the front, but it's a giant fail at the back. Oh well!

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