Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cardigan City - the Jalie Cardigan

This one is Jalie 2566, which I think is now discontinued. Which is a shame, because this is an awesome basic pattern.

I first made it in a white cotton sweater knit, that I totally messed up on. I didn't test the stretch direction, and with this one there was 0% stretch across the grain, and around 25% stretch parallel to the selvege edge. Why?!? No idea.

Anyway, it's not comfortable to wear, particularly, since there is no stretch around the body. Or the sleeves for that matter, which I think is worse.

This one was take two, and it's a winner. It was a cheap polyester sweater knit which actually has a pattern which totally didn't show up in the pictures. I wear this 2 or 3 times a week. Which definitely shows there are gaps in my work wardrobe!

For version 2 I also shortened it by somewhere around 3", and changed the sleeves to use bands instead of the twin-needle hem.

It does button up, but I didn't have enough buttons to go all the way to where the v-neck starts.

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