Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grainline Archer - not for me

I had my doubts about the Archer, given its lack of shape. But I wanted to try making a 'proper' shirt, and I'd already bought the pattern. Inspired by the Craftsy course on shirtmaking, I went for it.

This one is actually Archer #2. I made another plaid one for my mom as a Christmas present. This one was supposed to be first, but I ran out of time. I totally have not sewed the buttons on yet, but the plaid should line up across the front.

These cheap flannels from Fabricland though were hard to work with. Kept twisting way off grain - so frustrating! I ended up making new pattern pieces for anything on the fold line, since I absolutely had to cut in one layer, or I'd have lost my mind.

Yeah, it's kind of...shapeless on me. I think I need darts, or something. Even with the sleeves rolled up, and the shirt hanging open, which let's face it is how I will wear it, the look is not great:

Here's the back view:

Yeaaaaaahhhh. I need some waist definition.

Anyway, I'm pleased with my work. I flat-felled all the seams, including the armhole, which was a pain but ultimately worth it. My mom really likes hers, and it was a good experience.

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