Sunday, January 18, 2015

Belcarra, or Grandma's Curtains

I found this cotton at Fabricland and fell in love with it, but my friend and colleague Sheila thinks it looks like her Grandma's curtains. Apparently this is meant as a compliment, but I dunno...

So, Belcarra. This was largely a success. I did unpick the neckband, and resew the front raglan seams, taking in more than 2 cms on each side. I took a small tuck in the back as well. I think it fits quite a bit better this way, and the neckline isn't so wide.

My main complaint with this pattern was how wide the original neckline was. I think this is a grading issue, honestly, since if I look at it the larger sizes come out quite a bit. Do bigger women have giant necks? Not really!

No back photo, although I think the fit is OK.

This is another of my go-to tops for work. Comfy and it only took 1.75 m of fabric! More of these definitely in the future.

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