Monday, February 07, 2005 scam update

In December, I blogged about my troubles with, and to date my efforts have been unsuccessful. Today I sent the following email, which I hope will get a response.

In early December, I filled out a request at your site
to receive a quotation on my car. My VISA card was
charged, but I did not receive any report.

I notice that your web site does not include an
address or phone number, making it very difficult to
contact your company.

On two separate occasions I filled out the Customer
Service form on your website, and received no
response. The attempts I made are documented on my

I notice that I get several hits a week looking for
your service.

If you do not respond, and more importantly, refund my
money by the end of this week (Feb. 11), I will do
three things:

1) Report you to the Better Business Bureau
2) Contact VISA and alert them that my card was
charged fraudulently, advising them to report you,
3) Report you to Internic, advising that the contact
information on your registration is incorrect.

Ginna Dowler

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