Friday, December 31, 2004

Scam alert -

I've been contemplating selling my car and getting a new one, so a month or so ago I found and placed an order for a price report on my car. I received....nothing. They did however helpfully charge my credit card.

I then noticed that there are no phone numbers on the web site. So I filled out the Customer Service form, and waited. A week later I filled it out again. No response.

Today I looked up on, and discovered the following information:

Administrative Contact

Name: Tony Freake
Job Title: President
Postal Address:
1-110 Bayswater Ave.
Ottawa ON K1Y 2G1 Canada
Phone: (613) 729-2729

Sadly, this phone number does not appear to match the name or address. I sent email to the hotmail account, asking for my money back. I threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau. We'll see if I get any response.


UPDATE: Got my credit card charge reversed. Never heard from company at all.


Anonymous said...

whats up, sorry to hear about that scam. Try tracing the money through the bank or the police. you'll find out that way and perhaps put the scam artist behind bars or out of business.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a similar boat. I requested a quote online, and nothing came. I bought a car a few days later, and finally received an email from carquotes with the details - a week after my online purchase! I emailed the customer service, explaining the situation and asking them to reverse the charges. They seem to have misunderstood, since they charged a second time instead of reversing. I guess I'll just dispute the charges, and go from there.

Thomas Legault said...

If you wish to call Mr. Freake his number is (709) 634-5376